Please follow these guidelines to ensure your pup is safe while using our gear:

1. KNOX gear is best suited for indoor wear or light outdoor activity. Our products are made from 100% cotton fabric and internal webbing for a soft & comfortable fit.

2. Inspect all pieces before use. Ensure all buckles are clasped correctly. To unbuckle your collar, press evenly on both sides to release.

3. Choose gear that is appropriate for your dog's physical size, strength and behaviour when walking, running, or engaging in other moderate to vigorous activity. If your dog is prone to strong pulling while wearing a collar, leash or harness, we recommend seeking out other accessories suitable for your dog during these activities.

4. Avoid leaving your pup unattended or unsupervised.

 Check out the South Boston Animal Hospital's dog walking tips, available here


Please Note: KNOX Dogwear is not liable for any injury or claim arising from the use of our products.