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Top 3 Dog Collars for the 4th of July

Posted by KNOX Dogwear on

Top 3 Dog Collars for the 4th of July

We love seeing dogs dressed up at a themed pawty! That’s why we’ve put together the top 3 Dog Collars that you need for the 4th of July. Red white and blue, camouflage and bandanas. Dog moms love these, your dog is guaranteed to love these. So what are you waiting for? - “We are the home of the fur-ee, because of the brave!”

  1. The Patriot Dog Bowtie Collar is our number one pick for a reason. Your dog will be rocking the American flag and looking extra pawfect in a bow tie! It’s a luxury collar that will last your dog for all the 4th of July parties to come!

  1. The Hunter Dog Bowtie Collar is the ideal accessory if you want a matching family photo! Get everyone in camo, sit in front of your American flag, make sure your pup is front and center in his Hunter bowtie and tada - a viral family photo! #PAWFECT

  1. The Patriot and Hunter Bandana duo. This combo is perfect if you have two dogs or just want the best of both worlds! Imagine your pup doing a wardrobe change halfway through the party… now that would be a 4th of July to remember!